Yacoub Shomali
Results-oriented strategist  & public policy professional


Multifaceted and result-oriented leader with expertise in public policy and driving growth across Middle East

Yacoub Shomali is an accomplished professional with a distinguished career marked by his commitment to fostering impactful change, leveraging a comprehensive skill set and a strategic mindset. 

Currently, he holds a pivotal role at the Ideation Center at Strategy&, where he serves as a Senior Economist and the Head of Economic Analytics and Impact Evaluation. In this capacity, Shomali leads initiatives to analyze economic trends, evaluate policy impacts, and develop strategies that drive sustainable growth. His focus on leveraging data-driven insights and comprehensive economic analysis enables him to contribute significantly to the formulation of innovative solutions that address complex challenges at the intersection of economics and policy.

Prior to joining Strategy&, Shomali was the Head of Corporate Affairs at Rain, where he led the establishment of a centralized taskforce, streamlined workflows, and fostered relationships with regulatory authorities. His efforts were instrumental in overcoming significant regulatory hurdles, facilitating the launch of a new entity in the Abu Dhabi Global Market, and supporting business growth and expansion.

As a Public Policy Manager at Rain, Shomali excelled in managing the organization's engagement with regulatory stakeholders in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. His tenure as a Project Leader at Boston Consulting Group was characterized by his ability to drive transformative change, leading digital and organizational transformation strategies for a public entity in a GCC country. By prioritizing stakeholder engagement and effective change management, he enabled the organization to navigate the evolving business landscape and enhance performance.

Throughout his career, Shomali has consistently delivered results and demonstrated a deep passion for driving meaningful change. His expertise spans corporate affairs, public policy, economic analytics, and project leadership, equipping him with a unique perspective and skill set for every challenge. Shomali's strategic approach to navigating complex challenges, building strong relationships, and providing insightful guidance has allowed him to contribute significantly to the success of the organizations he has been part of.

Yacoub Shomali is a dynamic and results-driven professional committed to fostering positive change and delivering measurable outcomes through strategic economic analysis and impact evaluation. He invites collaboration with others who are looking to achieve mutual success and drive forward-thinking solutions in today's complex economic landscape.

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